I'm dedicated to  helping you find a better way of being and living through your relationships.

Life is too short (as the old saying goes) to do otherwise. I've lived in Colorado for over 10 years with my love for skiing and mountains drawing me here from Wisconsin. I prefer to be outdoors and if that's true for you, we can bring our sessions outside where nature can work her magic to help in the healing process. I'm a lover of animals, especially dogs. Meet my pup who is often at my office when you click below!

I'm genuine, down to earth and I'm here to help.


I have a Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work and a post-graduate degree in Couples and Family Therapy. I've spent a lot of time studying and practicing to gain my expertise in relationships. I STILL spend a lot of time dedicated to learning! It’s what I do to ensure I’m giving my clients the absolute BEST. I could spend time listing my degrees, Universities where I studied, etc but I’ll save you the boring stuff. Call me and ask about those details if that’s important to you. I'm happy to share! 

What I’ve learned is that clients care most about WHO I am and WHAT they’ll get from working with me.

So, who am I?

  • I’m the youngest of three from Wisconsin (BIG Green Bay Packer's Fan!)
  • I love bright colors! Especially hot pink (always have!)
  • Being barefoot is my preference, but I'll likely keep my shoes on in the office 
  • I don't take myself too seriously. Seriously. 
  • I love adventures! Going new places, seeing new things!
  • Photography is my passionate-hobby. My blogs and website feature most of my own photography!
  • I’m inspired by other peoples talents! I think it's amazing the different gifts we all have to share. 
  • Books bring me a lot of joy! I’m usually reading about 3 at a time… 
  • I’m definitely a morning person. Rise and shine! 
  • I am beyond grateful I get to do what I love. Everyday. 
  • I have extensively studied relationships, mindfulness, and why we tend to get stuck in life. I highly prioritize continuing my training and learning to ensure I'm consistently giving my clients the best work. 

What are you going to get?

Without a doubt, I'm excited to work with each client who comes my way! When we decide to work together I’m dedicated to YOU and YOUR goals. You need to be too! The first thing you’ll get from me is an honest opinion on whether or not we can be successful working together. I do turn people away and refer them on if I do not whole heartedly believe I can help. 

What you’ll also receive is complete support, someone who is 100% in your corner, cheering you on and helping you reach your goals even when it gets painful and hard. Because it will! That’s what REAL growth is about - getting through the tough stuff and feeling the reward of knowing you can reach ALL your goals of greatness. 

You’ll have expert insight and guidance for your relationships. Relationships are what I do. Period. End of Story. Whether I’m counseling or coaching, my focus is on relationships because my most basic philosophy is that we cannot reach our GREATEST self without relationship.

Therapeutic Approach

You are your own expert. My role is help you find yourself again and rediscover who you are inherently meant to be. I work through a lens of mindfulness where I help you learn to master your thoughts and emotions through becoming more present. I am able to help my clients reconnect with who they are and to reconnect with others in their lives. 

I help my clients become more empowered to live a more fulfilling life. Therapy can be an intense process. I work gently and with compassion but at times it can be challenging. This is how we grow! I often assign tasks to be practiced while we are not together. An hour a week in session can only do so much. To get the most from your investment, my approach does require a commitment to the processes prescribed.