Vail Inspirations: Falling Inward

Autumn is a powerful time of year.
Full of transition and transformation

If you pay attention to what autumn symbolizes and the messages it provides, you may begin to experience your own autumn renewal.

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Autumn is a season of paradox

It calls us to examine ourselves and to seek balance once again. Following a summer of long days filled with activities, travel, and being in the outdoors, autumn slows our pace. Cooler temperatures set in and the days become shorter. The autumn equinox brings balance between day and night (light and dark) once again allowing reflective gratitude for those summer evenings with friends and family, enjoying the suns warmth. With the impending darkness you may find yourself staying indoors more, curling up on the coach in the evening, and perhaps desiring a slower pace. Autumn transitions our energy from being very outward during the summer months, to returning inward.

Self-contemplation is encouraged in autumn.

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I invite you to examine your beliefs, attitudes and relationships this season to determine what may or may not be serving you. As the leaves show their brilliant hues of color, they are actually revealing their authentic selves. The yellow, red and orange colors have always been there beyond the shades of crisp green. By blocking chlorophyll, the trees reveal their true colors! It is this act of pulling energy inward that allows the tree to uncover a hidden beauty.

Learning from nature, we too can show our most genuine selves this time of year. We can begin to acknowledge all that we’ve emotionally aquired and held onto throughout the prior months and even years. It is then we can decide what no longer serves us and choose to let go, just as the trees choose to let go of their leaves. These may be relationships that no longer give to you, a job that isn’t fulfilling, a belief that no longer resonates, or even emotions from years passed that we are now ready to leave behind. We can rediscover who we are in a more simple and beautiful way. Through letting go, we find more abundance and trust in ourselves. We find an inner wisdom that guides us toward a truer version of our self.

This is another aspect of autumn’s paradox… 

When we release and surrender, we find peace and confidence.

Take a moment to be fully present, breath the crisp air, inhale the smells of fallen leaves and see the array of colors. And then, just be still as you experience autumn’s transformation and see what transformations may come up with you.

I wish you openness and a willingness to find your inner truth this autumn season.