Vail Inspirations: Mindful HEART

What could be more important than living a life you LOVE through knowing your own AMAZING + UNIQUE purpose?

I realize this might seem like a tall order. To live a life you absolutely love through knowing what you’re here to do + give. I work with women and men everyday who struggle with knowing what that unique purpose exactly is. And honestly… I’ve been there too. I’ve been in those trenches searching, digging, trying on what looks like it might fit only to find it’s uncomfortable and unfulfilling. But I found my way through that struggle, with support from some amazing friends + experts, and let me tell you, nothing is more invigorating than harnessing that moment of clarity when you say, “Oh my gosh! This is it!”


Part of my “this is it!” has evolved to help others in their journey in finding what’s truest for them. As I worked with women one on one in my office I began to see common threads and this over arching desire to connect with other women. This is why I’ve created the Mindful HEARTribe. To bring women together for connection, clarity, renewal and inspiration.

Read these 5 reason to join the Tribe. Then think of any reason not to join. Seriously do it. Maybe it’s a lack of time. Or who will watch the kids? Or 8 weeks seems like a big commitment…

Look at that list and just ask yourself, “Am I getting in my own way again? Am I preventing me from going toward what I really want from life? Am I limiting myself before I even get started?”

Then go to my website and put YOU first by signing up. Then give yourself a nice high five!

5 reasons to join the Mindful HEARTribe

  • You want to be more available and a better lover to your partner (not just physically, but that could be an additional great side effect!)
  • You want to be thrilled about your career! Happy to go to work on more days than not! Even be Ok missing a powder day ;-)
  • You desire a greater sense of being grounded (not as in being punished by your parents for sneaking out of the house…. Not saying I ever did that) and centered in who you REALLY are
  • You’ve yearned for growing your spiritual self and trusting that a higher power does have your back!
  • You miss having support and people you can trust to lean on. Women who actually understand and get what you might be struggling with sometimes. Women who want to celebrate you and your successes. (no mean girl action happening here! promise!)

I cannot wait to work with YOU and help you find your “This is it!” moment! Let’s spend time together this summer unpacking why we’re stuck and forming new paths on a journey that is truest for you. If you have any questions send me a note and we'll chat:

See you soon!