Open Your Heart

Now this is scary…

A few weeks before my wedding day a song I’ve heard probably a thousand times struck me. The lyrics pounded into my ears. Clearly I needed to hear a message.

Hello my old heart

How have you been

Are you still there inside my chest?

-Oh Hellos

For so long, I had been focused on guarding my heart. Protecting the love it had to give and more so protecting it from being too exposed to receiving the love that was trying to get in. I had convinced myself that if I let it be unprotected it would only be hurt again.

Maybe you’ve been there too. Maybe you feel that right now.
I have a feeling I’m not alone on this one...

In this moment as I listened to these lyrics, I realized I was still covering up parts of my heart, keeping it under lock and key. Afraid to be fully exposed and vulnerable. I started wondering if that old heart - the one that was never hurt before, that was once so willing to give + receive love - was still even there... Could I find it again?

In this moment, I knew I had to turn and face the BIG UGLY question that was lurking straight on: “How could I stand in front of my husband to be, my family, our closest of friends and earnestly give my heartfelt commitment, if I wasn’t completely vulnerable to experience what REAL LOVE is?”

I couldn’t. And I had to make a choice. If I was going to walk the walk (down the aisle), I had to talk the talk. I needed to let go of fear and my desire to protect myself from pain by willingly giving my whole heart to my fiancé, now husband.

Opening up your heart, and I mean your whole heart, is nothing close to being easy. It’s some seriously difficult SH*#T!  Might be one of the toughest things we can CHOOSE to do. It was for me. And it’s something not everyone is willing to do. Or consistently do. This is why only a few very special people deserve our ultimate vulnerability.

Our vulnerable open hearts are not meant for everyone. They are sacred gifts.

But if we don’t choose to let ourselves be open, wholeheartedly, then we are persistently limited in how much love we can experience. We can never feel the absolute beauty that comes with an open heart. A heart that is open is strong and courageous. One that is confident of it’s worth and knows it is deserving of GREAT love.

Like I said, I know this is scary and hard to do. I’ve been there and have learned how to guide you through + towards this powerful place of vulnerability. If you’re ready to FINALLY start living a life you absolutely DESIRE + DESERVE, let’s schedule time to chat! It's honestly time to stop living with a locked up a heart. 

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