Vail Inspirations: Winter Reflection

There’s a stillness to winter... It calls your attention. Its silence is powerful, yet gentle.  And it brings into your awareness the essence of being Still. Quiet. Calm

With its darkness, winter invokes a time for inward cleansing and renewal. It is when we are reminded of our vulnerabilities as we face uncertain weather that can challenge our sense of comfort and warmth. During this season, these vulnerabilities and discomforts often appear in our emotions as well. 

Rather than push them away or avoid what may not be comfortable... 

Embrace it. Lean toward it. Welcome it. 

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As you turn inward, pay attention to these sensations of discomfort and allow these feelings to just be. Sit with them. Be curious and seek to learn about yourself. 

Opening yourself to the power of vulnerability allows space for awakening, courage, and even love. With out vulnerability, loving yourself or another is nearly impossible. It is through connecting deeper that we choose to bare our authentic self to discover more meaningful relationships. 

When we resist being vulnerable, we  essentially resist being who we are.
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The unpredictable nature of winter, with it’s storms and bitter cold, reconnect us to the vibration of being alive. Being truly ALIVE is about embracing vulnerability! And about a willingness to brave what is unknown.

Once we’ve allowed the storms to come and go, both internally and externally, without resistance we can then find peace. We can find solace in the untouched blankets of snow, choosing to step confidently forward to form our own path through fresh tracks. 

Smile and surrender to the unknown and of what is yet to come. Whatever it is, is perfect for YOU.  

Take a moment to be outside and connect with this season - with the cold, snow, and quiet. Allow yourself to be fully present through all your senses. Notice the snow on branches, the smell of the cool air and the sensation of it on your skin. Just pause and be in the moment. Tune inward and mirror the powerful stillness that winter holds. 

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