Women Who Rock: Rebel Retreat Ladies

Meet Mary Hydle, Melissa Levy, and Sarah Sandy! These three wellness conscious ladies are rockin' it together to host a rad retreat to reconnect you to a truer sense of well-being. Farm to table meals, yoga to get your flow on, and time to play in nature. Now, that sounds refreshing! They share their insights on how to embrace collaboration and invite support from one another to build a shared dream together. I just LOVE it when women come together in this powerful way to put more positivity in the world! 

Give me your biz bio! Why did you start your own business? How did you decide to take the leap?

We’ve literally been talking about this retreat for the past 5 years. It’s been a long time in the making and timing finally aligned for the three of us. We had a cosmic alignment that couldn’t be ignored... we either sit around and do nothing or we make magic happen.

What were some of the biggest fears you needed to overcome to take the leap? Anything in particular help you?

In any new venture there is always a bit of fear but it’s fear and excitement all blended into one. Our biggest hurdle was self-doubt, worrying that no one else would see the value and the love of this retreat. Focusing on staying present with our passion and commitment to this experience and being in it together has lightened those moments of doubt. Honestly, it's really having each others backs when one of us goes to the dark side!

When you think back 5 years, what’s a life lesson that you’re taking with you as you continue to move forward?

There’s a quote that fits perfectly here “Take risks, ask big questions. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; if you don’t make mistakes, you’re not reaching far enough.” (David Packard) How boring would life be if we always played it safe? 5 years ago we were saying to each other “I wish we could do x,y, z.” It took some life experience to get to that moment when we said, “let’s do this thing, we’re ready!”

What do you do when you’re not feeling your best? How do you take care of yourself?
Mary: I slow down... realign my balance; sleep more, meditate, cook, be present.
Melissa: I go and play outside! Finding my inner child is what brings me back to life.
Sarah: I go on a hike with Kao my dog... no phones, no music, just time to quiet my mind.

What are you currently reading? And what’s on your “I need to read” list?

Mary: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to my son Keller. My next book is Rising Strong by Brene Brown.
Melissa: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
Sarah: Beautiful, Bountiful, Blissful a Kundalini baby book.

Channel your inner Wonder-Woman! If you were a superhero-goddess, what would be your power? And... what would be your iconic piece of attire?
Mary: The ability to take away people’s pain. Help people move forward. In a past life I was probably a Shaman healer from the Himalayas. Anything made out of Yak would be my iconic attire.

Melissa: I would be a superhero that spread love! I’d be the leather body-suit wearing cupid and I’d remove all hate from this world.

Sarah: My power would be time travel - able to move freely between the dimensions of time. And I would wear red sparkly shoes like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

Let's learn more about the Rebel Retreat!

Why the Rebel Retreat? What need did you see needing to be filled?   

Who doesn’t need a retreat? We are glued to our phones, laptops and daily grind. A weekend retreat is approachable, it’s 4 days of tuning out to stress and technology. It’s 4 days of peace and quiet, self­care, nature and all the good stuff life is about. Our mission is to provide a unique experience in which anyone and everyone can feel welcome. We want to create a fun and playful experience so our guests can develop the tools to be their best self and find a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.   

How did you three come together to develop the retreat?

The three of us have been friends for years, we’ve been with each other through all of life’s ups and downs. We have all made health and wellness a major priority not just in our personal lives but also professionally. We saw a void in the health and fitness world... integrity, love and balance are key components to being the best version of ourselves. There is so much power in bringing people together, building friendships, overcoming obstacles and playing in nature.

What is one thing participants will walk away with that they didn’t arrive with?

We would love for everyone to return home feeling restored. The retreat is like a filling station for our energy tanks. The weekend will be all about you, and whatever it is you need to feel like a badass rockstar ;)

Rebel Retreat

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