Couples Therapy

Couples therapy isn't just another item listed in a long line of various treatment categories. It's my passion and area of expertise. 

Jessica Waclawski - Couples therapy, Life Coach, Vail CO

Relationships take commitment and sometimes hard effort. Couples often encounter times where they struggle to connect and find themselves lost as the distance grows between them. Receiving counseling does not mean your relationship is doomed. It means you are actually willing to prioritize your relationship by taking the steps needed to resolve reoccurring issues, to reconnect and find deeper lasting connection. Here's the scoop though... I'm not the right fit for everyone. And I'll tell you on our first FREE 30 minute conversation if we're not a good match.

I'm only interested in working with couples who are dedicated to building an AMAZING relationship! I won't settle for less than greatness so I need us to be on the same page in order to find success together. 

Because getting caught in the "fine" zone or settling for "just better" isn't worth it, when we can have GREAT, AMAZING, + INSPIRING 

"Thank you for another wonderful session, Jessica!  We are so grateful to have begun this journey with you and appreciative for your direction, inspiration and knowledge." - client testimony


Read this blog where I discuss the investment of couples therapy. 


Want an alternative to weekly sessions?
Intensives for Couples are NOW AVAILABLE!

Pregnancy and Birth

Learn more about my speciality in supporting you through one of life's most significant transitions and transformations - having a baby. Each baby is unique and each changes a family in its own way. Whether you're pregnant, gave birth or your child is 5 going on 15, we can learn how this has impacted you and your relationships. 


Families go through many transitions. A birth, divorce, loss of a loved one (including pets), blending of a family, or adolescent transitions are all examples that create needs for additional support. There isn't a perfect handbook on how to resolve family issues and yes, every family has their unique challenges. I can help you navigate and find resolution when you know there's a problem but you find yourself saying, "I don't know what else to do," or "Things just aren't getting better." 

* I do not specialize in individual child/adolescent therapy. I am purposeful in my reasons for approaching behaviors or other symptoms seen in a child through a family approach. Call me to talk more about this!