Individuals enter my office for a variety of reasons. But what is shared by each person is the desire to find relief. Within the first session, we'll begin to pay attention to beliefs you have about yourself, learning to be present with your whole being: mind, body and soul. I'll guide you in reconnecting with your authentic self to uncover personal dreams, goals, and passions.

"Jessica literally changed my life when I met her!" - client testimony 


Each and every one of us is hard wired to be in relationships. It's part of what makes us human. But sometimes there's this push and pull between what we desire and what we actually get. Deep inside all you want is that AWE-some secure and close relationship. Yet...something keeps getting in the way. So maybe you start to convince yourself REAL LOVE doesn't exist. Or all that fear and doubt starts to whisper "you can't have it." Even worse, you begin to believe you don't deserve a true partner in life. 

If any of this rings true for you, STOP what you are doing and CALL ME NOW! I am so confident I can help you rediscover real love and that you absolutely are deserving of it! If you don't call me, just shoot me an email. Deal? 

Because we need to stop these thoughts + beliefs right NOW. We need to stop showing up in life from this place of undeserving!


Life is filled with transitions. Each transition brings change that whether it is expected or unexpected, can shake up our world. When in transition, whether it is a career change, relationship ending (or beginning), moving or just when life seems to say, "we need a change," we  can loose our connection with ourself. Clients often describe a sense of "not knowing" what to do and often develop anxiousness around losing control. I am able to guide you through these important transitions. 
Here are a few examples of life transitions:

- Career change   - Relationship ending and beginning   - Moving

- Loss   - Birth/Pregnancy   - Engagement/Marriage 

- Divorce   - Retirement   - Medical diagnosis